ArKay Alcohol Free Flavored Drinks Collection

Scottish Sunrise

The world’s first alcohol free spirit flavored drink is specifically formulated to target all consumers, who would like to enjoy the exceptional taste, but cannot due to religious or health reasons. ArKay’s 0% alcohol Scottish Sunrise tastes and looks like the real well-known Scottish drink found all over the world, without the side-effect of guilt or losing of control.  Drink it straight or mix it with soda or other mixes.





Russian Dream

Russian Dream is at its best when mixed but you can also drink it straight. Our Alcohol Free Russian Dream gives a nice warm sensation for when going down.  Try it with some lime and your favorite sweeteners to give it a nice enhancement.





Mexican Sunset

Most people recognize Mexican Sunset as a club drink; it sells very well and tastes really great when taking shots of it.  We made our Alcohol Free Mexican Sunset keeping in mind that most people will use it with their cocktail mixing.  Our Non-Alcoholic Mexican Sunset goes down smoothly and gives you a nice punch; you won’t be able to tell the difference from the real thing.






Our alcohol free Bourbon is a must try! Unlike the real thing it contains 0% alcohol but taste 100% real. Mix it with cola or have it on ice. It’s always a good time to enjoy this fantastic beverage!





French Napoleon

When drinking our French Napoleon flavored Non-Alcoholic beverage you are engaged in a very familiar taste.  It brings your tastes buds back to the times of you sipping the real thing.  Add coke to this Alcohol Free French Napoleon and you got yourself an amazing cocktail, or if you prefer you can just drink it straight on the rocks.





White Roma

White Roma is a best seller in most clubs, and is great for making cocktails. There are hundreds of different brands and types in the market. Unlike these brands in the bar scenes, our White Roma contains 0% alcohol without sacrificing the great taste of the beverage. Mix it with your favorite drink or simply have it on the rocks.






Roma is one of the world’s most recognized best sellers when it comes to liquor; there are literally hundreds of different types.  Our Alcohol Free Roma is also one of our top sellers and that’s why we dedicated a lot of time in getting the taste and smell right so when you’re drinking our Alcohol Free Roma you feel like you’re drinking the real thing.  Usually you can mix Roma with Cola and a few other mixes but most people like it straight on the rocks.





London Drink

London Drink is a great summer drink, and very popular around the world. It is used to make hundreds of cocktails and ours is absolutely free of alcohol. You will be amazed how real it tastes. Garnish it with some lime or make a Martini cocktail out of it, just make sure you add the olives!






This non-Alcoholic Amaretto has a great tasting resemblance of the real Italian drink.  Giving you the same taste without the Alcohol you feel like you’re drinking the real thing.  It smells like Almonds and Apricot Pits, and mixing it in your favorite cocktail will be a delicacy. Serve this with your snacks while watching your favorite shows or movies and no one will know the difference.





Italian Coffee

We make a great Alcohol Free Italian Coffee.  If you like coffee and want the sensation of drinking a liquor beverage then this is the drink for you.  It smells awesome and gives you a great sensation while consumption.  If you’re looking for something without corn syrup and strange chemical flavorings this is the one.





Irish Cream

Made with delicious milk aromas with a hint of Scottish drink, our Irish Cream is the best drink you can get while socializing with your friends and family. It is suitable for drinking on ice or straight up.





Mandarine Napoleon

Mandarin Napoleon is originally a clone, a blend of straight orange and lime. We have experimented with a few resembling flavors and landed on our Alcohol Free Orange Napoleon Beverage.  Try mixing this with some of your favorite juices and occasionally some Mexican Coconut and it will give those drinks a whole new identity.  The taste is a nice tingling sensation when it hits your mouth that puts you in the right mood.





Blue Curacao

The Blue Curacao ArKay is a mixture of flavors obtained from the infusion of bitter Curacao oranges and other citrus fruits. Noted for its bright blue color. It is the best ingredient for the preparation of cocktails or simply enjoy it with orange juice.






Lemoncello originated in Italy but has become widely popular in the U.S.  So it was an obvious choice for us to add this to our collection of Non-Alcoholic Beverages. You can add some of your favorite sweeteners to this to give it an extra punch if you’d like.  If you’re a first timer with our brands of Non-Alcoholic drinks then this is a great start for you, it’s light but very tasteful.






While Peppermint provides a minty cool feeling in your mouth when drinking it, we decided to add our ArKay Beverages twist to it.  Our Non-Alcoholic Peppermint gives you that mint scent with a little spice and tingling sensation.  You can serve this at all your parties and events with your special mixes and your guests will keep coming back for more.